Error 0x80070780 in Windows 10 when installing a game

Good afternoon! I tried to install A Plague Tale: Innocence but couldn’t do it. Constantly crashes when starting the game. I decided to reinstall the game and ran into an error 0x80070780. What I just did not try, but I could not remove it. Tried through the command line, got the right to delete, even from safe mode. Everything is in vain. Help advice. I just say right away that reinstalling Windows is not an option for me. I’m happy to listen to any sane solutions.


Good afternoon! I managed to find information on your error and its solution. By the way, it turned out to be quite interesting. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Disable “Quick Startup” in the power settings.
  2. Download and transfer Ubuntu to a USB flash drive.
  3. We restart the computer and, when prompts appear, you will need to select Boot Mode (most often F8).
  4. We start Ubuntu in the mode you want. There will be several options.
  5. Go to the folder where your game is located.
  6. We delete it, this time without error 0x80070780. Immediately clear the game and from the basket.
  7. We return to Windows and enjoy the result.

The same can be done through Linux.

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