Error 0x80780166 when creating a backup in Windows

For some reason unknown to me, every time I get an error 0x80780166. The body of the message literally says: “Backup failed. Windows Backup encountered an error while writing data to the backup target. (0x80780166)”. Such a vague explanation that I can not understand anything. Any help will be appreciated.


Hello! Different failures can provoke such an error, but you should start by checking the disk. Most likely, there are bad sectors that prevent you from completing the reservation at a certain percentage level. In order not to rummage through the information through the console, you can simply run a program like HDDScan.

What else to pay attention to:

  • Volume Shadow Copy service. You need to go to the “Services” section from the “Control Panel” and check that this service is running (it’s better to do it manually) and set the “Startup type” to “Automatic”.
  • Delete the problematic backup. To do this, you need to delete the WindowsImageBackup folder, which is located at the root of the disk.
  • Use a different backup tool. There are many programs for creating backups, you can use them.
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