Error 0x887a0006 in Apex Legends

After the release of some updates, in particular before Season 13, errors began to appear in Apex Legends. The game is critical, although not constantly. Same thing with my friend. You can play for a while. I also read that someone has a relegation almost every match, while someone has 1 time in 2 matches. I was less fortunate and critical errors fly out all the time. If I managed to find any solution, I will be grateful.


Hello! There are a couple of crutches that seem to help. But first you should just update the game. Perhaps this will be enough. By the way, the observation is that the error appears only for owners of RTX 3060, 3070. I wonder if you also have one of these video cards?

What to try:

  • Disable the option in the game settings “Shadow Detail (Point)”. A lot of people have confirmed that this setting does not work correctly in the latest update, and after disabling it, the game was restored.
  • Add launch flag +fps_max 120. Fps limit can protect some players from crashes.
  • Change graphics settings. What has worked for some is disabling vertical and horizontal sync (G-SYNC and V-SYNC) in the Nvidia Control Panel. You also need to turn off vertical sync in the game settings.
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