Error 0xa00f4288 when turning on the camera

Hey! No matter how much I try, every time I get a message, literally: “Close other applications. Looks like another app is already using the camera. Error code 0xa00f4288”. How do I figure out what exactly is using the camera? Maybe that’s not the point at all. In general, there are more questions than answers. If there is someone competent, help.


Hello! Most likely, the error 0xa00f4288 causes exactly what is written in the text of the message. There’s a good chance it’s a browser. Try closing all browsers, go to the “Task Manager” and forcibly terminate their processes. If it works, go to your browser’s “Settings” – “Permissions” and block access to the camera for those sites where it is not needed.

We also heard that Norton may allow the camera to be used. On the “Access” settings tab, enable SafeCam and remove browsers from exceptions. Rolling back drivers can also work, users have also mentioned this. The last option is to delete the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\AppPrivacy registry setting called LetAppsAccessCamera.

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