Error 0xC0000094: INT DIVIDE BY ZERO

I tried to find a solution to the error 0xC0000094: INT DIVIDE BY ZERO for the Train Simulator game, but to no avail. The game itself works, but in part. If some trains are selected, an error is displayed all the time. I saw that they complain about a similar failure in other games, but I didn’t see any intelligible answer anywhere. Help if you can.


Hello! The error you cited 0xC0000094: INT DIVIDE BY ZERO speaks volumes in itself. It tells you that you can’t divide by 0. That is, somewhere in the program code, a failure occurs and the variable acquires an unexpected zero value, by which it cannot be divided. Thus, the problem occurs due to the fault of the developers. All you can do in your Train Simulator game is uninstall all add-ons for the game. Should work.

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