Error 10001 Rostelecom (Wink)

Hello! I get a message on my TV: “Make sure the set-top box is connected to the network equipment. Error code 10001”. I didn’t touch anything, I didn’t change it, as the master set it, everything worked like that. Do I need to call the master or can I do something myself? I just don’t want to call a specialist, otherwise it will drag on for 2 weeks.


Hello! As far as we know, the problem may be in some banal things. For example, incorrect Wi-Fi router settings. Try to reset it using the button on the case (you need to hold it for 7 seconds). Internet access may simply not be available at a given time. Another solution is to update the software on the set-top box. If possible, you should try another cable to connect the set-top box.

If nothing works, contact technical support. The hotline number throughout Russia is 8-800-10-00-800.

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