How to Fix AMD Driver Error 182 on Windows 11?

I keep getting error 182 when installing AMD Radeon Software, i.e. graphics card drivers. What can I do about it? I used to have Nvidia cards, but this time I decided to buy RX 6700 XT. Now I’m sitting here suffering and regretting… I have Windows 11, if it matters.


Error 182 when installing AMD Radeon Software occurs because your video card is not in the driver installer list. This situation is very common for users who use processors with integrated graphics.

You did not specify your configuration, but we can assume that this is the case. You need to open your BIOS settings and disable the integrated GPU there. Then go back to the system and repeat the installation of AMD Radeon Software. The same, by the way, applies to laptop owners as well.

In addition, you can come across error 182 when installing AMD driver package because of the incorrectly installed current video driver. We recommend to fully uninstall the video card driver using Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) and run the AMD Radeon Software installation once again. This time there may be no error 182.

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