Error 20010006 fix

I´m constantly gettin error 20010006. The game ist nearly unplayable. Normally it happens every 5-10 minutes. Any ideas how to fix this?

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Its not a bug.   They designed it to suck.


I’m in the same boat for months.  They send me different port numbers to forward the ports for this and that didn’t fix it either


I’m having the same  problem  I can barely  play


Não  entra no online sempre da erro quando vou fazer o prólogo


They says we need to open port open dmz or open nat type so why r we paying for game? I did everything they told but no help they failed they r not fixing since gta online this problem becouse we r cows that they milking


There is nothing you can do. Same problem here. Rockstar really needs to get it together. Always happens while hunting. Ive lost over 800 bucks in pelts and carcasses now.