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Error 21002001 fix

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I’ve tried everything I’ve been told by friends and some tech people but nothing is working. It’s only happening with the online story missions such as “If the Hat fits” and “Love and Honor”.
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  1. Same problem here. Since the first day I tried to play online this error keep occurring. It’s impossible to play. Their solutions simply doesn’t work. If I play missions that doesn’t require other players I can play just fine, but otherwise the game just keep crashing. I’m tired of this situation
    I have this error constantly as well, I cant even complete missions, it’s impossible to level my character



    Im tired of getting code 0x20020000, 0x21002001. Rockstar im going to need my money back for this. Ive tried all you technics on fixing these error codes and nothing seems to work. Im beyond tired of this.
    Nice game Rockstar, when you can play it.  What’s the point of daily challenges, when you have 30 days continuous and then lose it because you can’t get on for a whole day.

    0x21002001, 0x200010004, 0x2001005, throughout the today.
    At least they vary , last week I had a 0x10023190, 0x10022190,0x5000000a and a 0x30005001, happy days 🙁

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