Error code 0x000000b8 – what to do?

Good afternoon! I’ve been getting BSOD code 0x000000b8 lately more and more often. From time to time it just shows a blue screen, even though I didn’t seem to have installed anything. Now the screen of death pops up almost constantly. How can this be fixed?


Good afternoon! BSOD 0x000000b8 most often appears due to software incompatibility with the operating system. Most of the affected users have Windows 7. Option 2: either you still installed something, or we are talking about drivers. Without a mini-dump it’s hard to say anything, but you should disconnect the maximum number of devices from the PC. For example, often the problem is in the drivers of an RGB backlit keyboard or a gaming mouse. In general, it’s time to upgrade to Windows 10 or 11 and there should be no such problems.

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