Error code R013 on Google Play

I tried to buy the game on Google Play, but the error R013 appeared. This is the first time I see a code like this. It says that it’s not my fault, but I’m not so sure about this. The card is fine, other purchases have gone through without problems before, but this time the error appeared. It looks weird, kind of a short code. No one has encountered it?


Error code R013 occurs on Google Play Store in several cases:

  • when opening the site;
  • when adding items to cart;
  • when paying for items.

To prevent the error, you need to do the following:

  • make sure your network connection is stable;
  • refresh the page with the error until the last one disappears;
  • add your purchases to cart and pay for them again;
  • try another browser;
  • pay for the purchase using a reliable VPN.

R013 is a Google server error. Simply put, not much depends on you.

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