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ERROR Suspended

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Greetings to rockstar men and women I said to myself that death is a trick but the desire to play rockstar titles makes it easy for me. I am quarantined in the hospital for covid2019 virus. I spend days and nights alone in a white room with my laptop and playing reddead2. These days it’s been a while for me, and with each passing game I feel better now, of course the doctor says don’t give up hope. Until I found your message about game abuse and I still don’t know what I did, maybe because of the money I made by the hackers. I didn’t see a hacker there and only saw the money box. Please open the game for my servant because I may not be alive until April 1st. I hope to be alive until the release of gta vi game and can appreciate your efforts in creating this game. Thanks

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  1. Je n’arrive pas à me connecter à GTA online j’aimerais bien me connecter au social club aussi

    I wasn’t convinced. I was just too lazy to call out the BS. I got distracted with work today. Silly me.

    Great piece of fiction that you wrote there I give you a B. I was going to give you a B-, but even with your obvious plot hole you still managed to dupe 2 people.


    Read the ban policy. All bans are FINAL and can NOT be appealed regardless of your situation.


    Sorry to hear that, but Rockstar Games won’t discuss with you on this matter. If you want to give yourself a try contact Rockstar Support and address your concerns. Although, Rockstar Support had made it clear in their articles that the 30 days suspended and permanently banned are final and cannot be appeals, excepted you’ll have to wait until the suspended time is up when that days come. Good luck:

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