Errors 0x20010004 and 0x20010005 fix

Well, last week I reinstalled RDR2 again, in Rockstar Launcher, so everything was fine until this week, every 4~5 minutes in-game I get a crash following these errors. So Rockstar I know I’m not the only one who gets those errors. Then Fix this game that I and so many other peoples paid full price for. We want to play, but your poor servers and amateur optimization don’t let we do this.

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They deleted my comment so i will post it again. They don’t care about those errors, they got what they wanted… money. My God, even the support of EA games is better than this mess.  Called my IPS, opened all forward ports they wanted, chaged DNS and still get disconnect in the middle of missions. Rockstar, stick to single player next time. Rockstar deleting my comment in 3,2,1… What makes me real mad is that I bought this game a long time ago and the same errors still occurs now. April,2020. It’s ridiculous and to make matters worse, they support are a… Read more »