Stutters, low FPS in Escape From Tarkov – How to Fix?

As you all know, the recent patch for Escape From Tarkov came out, but after it the game now mercilessly stutters, FPS dropped to a catastrophically low values. Previously my FPS was at 60-70, but now it’s somewhere around 40ish. I’m not picky, but it’s no fun to play at this level of performance. Does anybody know what the problem is and how to boost FPS, at least a little bit?


Patch for Escape From Tarkov brought unpleasant changes to the game: stutters, low FPS and overall decreased performance. Fortunately, you can find tips from players who managed to bring their game back to life, so to speak, at least if their statements are true.

And the first thing the “experts” recommend you to do is to turn off the binaural sound in Escape From Tarkov’s settings. Apparently, this sound tech requires a rather large amount of system resources to work, especially on the “Streets of Tarkov” map.

The next tip is to activate the Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling (HAGS) function in the system settings. Press WIN+I and go to “System”. Then go to the “Display” subsection and click on “Graphics Settings”. Put the switch next to the “Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling” option in the “On” position. Be sure to restart your PC after enabling the option!

One Reddit user claimed that his Escape From Tarkov v. got a 20-30FPS increase after enabling HAGS. We strongly recommend to follow his example.

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