How to Fix Escape from Tarkov Error on Post

Escape from Tarkov Error on Post appears when I’m trying to connect to a server. Recently a new update came out, so I wanted to come in and see what the developers have done to the game. But now I can’t launch the game– it’s been like an hour and a half. I thought, maybe it’s my Internet, but no, everything’s fine. According to Speedtest it’s totally ok.


Escape from Tarkov Error on Post often appears in case of game servers overload. It is possible that at this moment there are too many players trying to connect to the game at once – servers can’t handle it.

So, what should you do? Wait for a decline in the player numbers. In addition, you can check the game servers status. If you see that everything is fine, and a lot of time has passed, but the message Error on Post did not disappear, then, probably, there is something wrong with your game files.

Battlestate Games developers claim that the occurrence of such errors can be provoked by improperly installed files for the latest patch. Try to reinstall EfT completely from the official game launcher and check if the problem still exists.

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