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“Failed to retrieve app data Error “

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I keep getting Failed to retrieve app data Error on both windows 10 and android it wont let me sign in. i would try apple but dont have iphone to try it. can some please get back to me.
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  1. I’ve reset the login attempts for your account, so you should be able to sign in once again. If you have issues with this in the future, please feel free to reach out to us again.
    Failed to retrieve app data my laptop on windows I don’t understand.


    I tinkered around with some SysInternal apps and discovered this activity – though it may not be relevant to the cause of everyone’s issue, those that were able to work around it by masking their IP address, I would think this is related in some way:

    “C:\ProgramFiles\WindowsApps\RockstarGames.GrandTheftAutoiFruit_1.11.23.3_x86__3t068xe29zjvp\iFruit.exe” -ServerName:App.AppX738fyrm9h308jn4ba371fk030rshhbdv.mca”
    Without investigating much deeper into the captured data – a massive log file – it appears as though Windows Defender may be part of the issue. At least at a glimpse … on the surface.

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