Failed to retrieve app data Error

I keep getting Failed to retrieve app data Error on both windows 10 and android it wont let me sign in. i would try apple but dont have iphone to try it. can some please get back to me.

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Ghost Vpn, i connected to a US server  but this was back in 2017

ifruit app dose not work. this is what reads failed to retrieve app data please check internet connection .I wish I can get this fixed

I tinkered around with some SysInternal apps and discovered this activity – though it may not be relevant to the cause of everyone’s issue, those that were able to work around it by masking their IP address, I would think this is related in some way:

“C:\ProgramFiles\WindowsApps\RockstarGames.GrandTheftAutoiFruit_1.11.23.3_x86__3t068xe29zjvp\iFruit.exe” -ServerName:App.AppX738fyrm9h308jn4ba371fk030rshhbdv.mca”

Without investigating much deeper into the captured data – a massive log file – it appears as though Windows Defender may be part of the issue. At least at a glimpse … on the surface.


Ok Guys i manage to Fix it by using vpn on my laptop and tablet for some reason i think they block my ip or something.