Feed up with game connection issues Xbox

Connection Error 0x50000006

Really disappoint in Rockstar right now, I have had continuous connection issues since launch of RDR2 Online on my Xbox with daily drop-outs etc, kind of put up with these issues understanding that the online game was still in beta…. Luckily with the update the other week from Beta to v1.09 this connection issues had gone away and I was happily playing the game daily again and quit enjoying the new content/missions…… until a couple of days ago when I went to login and get the error 0x50000006 can not connect to Rockstar servers….. I have all the ports open on my router and my Xbox has OPEN Nat status, followed all the steps listed in Xbox connection issues from Microsoft’s page and also all of the steps on Rockstars page…. 2 days later still no connection to Rockstar servers!!!!! Now very disappointed with the amount of money spent on this game and continuing issues connecting to rockstars servers!!!! Please help…………

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