FIFA 23 crashing on PC – how to fix it?

FIFA 23 crashing on my computer! Already tried everything, but nothing works! Sometimes it works, sure, but then it crashes relentlessly. I bought it, installed it, everything was fine, and then it just… Most importantly, the other guys, who also decided to buy Fifa with me– for them everything is fine, but I have a non-stop crash-circus. God, I hate Origin, I bet it’s all because of that thing!


Unfortunately, FIFA 23 crashing on a lot of computers all over the world. It has been several months since the game’s release, but the developers are no closer to fixing this technical problem.

The crashes of the latest soccer simulator from EA are still covered with the veil of mystery: the causes are unknown, the solutions also unknown. All that’s left for the player to do is to go through the steps that could potentially get rid of the crashes.

  • Run FIFA 23 as an administrator. It’s unlikely to help, but there are rare reports online that saying running the game with administrator account privileges can, if not completely eliminate, but at least reduce the number of crashes.
  • Update your video card drivers. It’s possible that FIFA 23 crashes because it doesn’t have enough up-to-date graphics drivers. Quite often players don’t update their drivers for months, which causes all kinds of problems in different applications. Please update your graphics card drivers!
  • Disable overlay applications. Some overlay applications may clash with FIFA 23, such as RivaTuner, MSI Afterburner and other monitoring applications. Disable all overlay apps and check FIFA.
  • Install delayed updates. For new games to work properly, the user needs to have all the current updates for Windows 10/11. If you have any pending OS updates, we highly recommend installing them. Perhaps after the system update FIFA 23 will stop crashes.
  • Disable antivirus and firewall. Sometimes antivirus and firewall of your operating system can interfere with the work of certain applications. Go to your system settings and deactivate these protection means and then start the game.

We hope we’ve been helpful.

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