Fortnite Chapter 4 Crashing on PC – How to Fix? (SOLVED)

Suddenly my Fortnite keeps crashing, and it all began after the release of Chapter 4 (Season 1). I play for quite a long time, and the game worked fine, but now it just constantly crashes. Developers obviously did something wrong! Has anyone been dealing with these crashes? I’ll be glad if anyone has any tips.


Fortnite keeps crashing for a lot of players with the release of Chapter 4, the problem has progressed somewhat. The game doesn’t stand still: patches, fixes and updates are constantly coming out. On the last chapter everything might have been fine, but after a number of updates the situation has drastically changed.

To get rid of crashes (or at least reduce their occurrence) in Fortnite, try to do the following on your PC:

  • update your video card drivers;
  • install all pending Windows updates;
  • close all unnecessary software running in the background of the system;
  • temporarily turn off active Windows protection (antivirus and firewall);
  • check the integrity of game files;
  • reinstall Fortnite completely.

Some of these steps will definitely fix crashes in the current version of Fortnite.

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