Freeze, and then walk, then freeze some more.

I am getting the issue where the game just locks up and sits there locked for a few seconds at a time. Sometimes I can go 10 mins without it happening, other times it happens every 10 seconds over and over until I Alt-F4 the game. Anyone else having this freeze issue? Anyone found a solution that doesn’t involve turning off cores or downloading software (should not have to do either of these things for a 90 dollar game, the *** should be working day one perfectly since I have played early access games for 20 bucks that perform better)

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I had this same problem and the only thing that worked for me is turning off 2 cores :/
Will tell you how so you dont have to watch a 10 min video for a 30 second explanation.
Launch the game, launch task manager, go to details, right click rdr2, press set affinity and turn off 2 cores. Think it has to be done each time you lauch the game.