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Friend Unable to connect to any form of R* Servers.

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Hello, i am speaking on behalf of a friend who is having connectivity issues to any form of R* server.

This situation started yesterday when they were unable to load up their RDR2 due to the launcher stating that they were forced into offline mode.

The Error Code they received was #6000.87 on startup.

We believe this had something to do with their profile not being loaded up properly or was corrupted so we removed the player profile via the *Documents* and retired to no avail.

We took it a step further but removed all social club folders related on their PC and also treid to reinstall and validate the game’s files just in case, no luck still.

I then had a theory could it be their connection to the R* servers so i told them to go to the R* social club and see if they could get onto the site but surprise surprise they can’t even get on there either.

This, of course, narrowed down what could be causing their problem and this was their connectivity to R* servers.

At first, i assumed it could be a firewall issue? or perhaps a VPN is needed?

We have gotten this far but connectivity stuff is beyond my knowledge.

Has anyone had a related issue or have found a way for them to connect back to R* servers? They can connect to other sites fine just not R*

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