Frontier Pursuits DLC is FULL of BUGS!

Hi there,i’m experiencing the worst online game experince of all the time. My list of bugs/issues i’m having on RDO after/before the newest dlc.1)Cripps change randomly the camp’s position and sometimes i have to wait a lot of minutes before to prepare it again. 2)Madame Nazar almost does not longer spawn or appear(on both,map and legend)and sometimes the same happens to those special flowers you have to find using her maps.I was going mad ’cause i could not find that damned flower…i had to quit session and start a new one.The flower’s position was changed but finally was there.3)Disconntections Issue…what can i say,nothing is changed. Random disconnections during the game.Do not tell me to change connection settings,check router and blablabla.Everything is working fine.My internet is  connected by  a solid Fiber Optic.There’s nothing wrong with it. R* needs to solve this,not us!

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