Getting error 0x20010006 when trying to connect to Red Dead Online PC

I have tried everything to get into Red Dead online but it keeps popping up “You have been disconnected from red dead online due to a fault on Rockstar game services, error 0x2001006”. I don’t think its just a server issue on their end because I see a lot of other people playing the game while I get this message. I was able to create my character and get past the first mission in the online mode but it started to give me this error message as soon as I went to free roam. I am sometimes able to get in if I search for a shootout game mode or race however as soon as I exit to free roam it kicks me out and says this error message. I am looking for a resolution, help!

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you are certainly not alone, and this error is coming up so often now that the online game is unplayable, the most frustrating issue is the trader role, with the camp disapearing at will and sometimes you cannot even get a camp, but hey i have a radical idea, why don’t rockstar tell there customers what they are doing about it, not just there (we know of this issue) but actually explaining to customers what they are doing and when we will have a resolution, wow the devs are holding there heads in disbelief that someone could be so radical

Yea, I haven’t played the game in about a month or so. It was just getting really boring online, doing the same fetch bounty quests, look for random crap to collect and ignoring the trader job because it is a worthless money maker for the amount of time needed investing. Doing the same HS jobs all the time. Maybe I’ll hop back on when they add more story driven quests.