I realize that everything I send to rockstar support won’t be looked at and I’ll get some lazy automated response because you guys won’t do your damn jobs, but hey I might as well try AGAIN.  Amongst the plethora of glitches I’ve come across in your game, I have hit my breaking point when I encountered an entire server that was glitched frozen.  I think that people are using a cheat engine or some type of cheat that harms a server and pauses all the NPCs and animals.  I took a video of the NPCs and animals that were glitched.  If you try and shoot them they just respawn instantly and take no damage.  This was also something that happened on another server when I tried getting on a player’s horse in that it froze my character and I was not able to move.  If you tried shooting the horse, then it would take no damage. The player’s horse itself was glitched and wouldn’t move.  Please fix your damn game, because I’ve about had it with your “support.”

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