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Gold bar purchase Xbox One

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It’s been about 5 hours since I bought 25 gold bars from the red dead online store and it hasn’t come through. I’ve called, put in multiple support requests, tweeted 7 different times, emailed and called. ALL OF THEM HAVE BEEN IGNORED! I am so sick of this, please help.

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  1. just a quick update.
    My gold bars are now in my account.

    Hope your issues are resolved soon .
    Rockstar is not helping with this issue at all. My son purchased 25 gold bars 4 hours ago. I’ve been on the phone with XBox support (hey Rockstar, maybe you can have customer support available?????), and after troubleshooting every which way, they said it’s an issue at Rockstar’s end. Rockstar’s support phone number directs you to their website to file a support ticket. The website has ZERO links to support ticket submission. What in the nine hells is wrong with you Rockstar??????

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