GTA 5 Online: An Open, Pointless, Stupid Letter

I was a new player once. I didn’t know what I was doing. And I’m not a perfect player either. Sometimes I get mad and rage. Sometimes I’ll run around and kill randoms because I feel like being a petty jerk. But I don’t use mods to do it. I use the things I’ve obtained by grinding and playing the games for hours and hours. Things I’ve purchased with shark cards, I’m ashamed to say, but nonetheless I feel I’ve been sporting for the most part. The amount of modders and hackers that have flooded the game is absolutely ridiculous. They don’t even cage you anymore. A lot of them will just crash your game or kick you back to the singleplayer because you kill them in a game that has pvp mechanics. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even feel like playing the game. There’s no longer a sense of satisfaction from progressing through heists and reaching your goals when you know that other players are using mods to simply unlock everything in their first hours of the game. Yes, I’ve wasted well over 200 hours playing this but to have my nose rubbed in it is just really a whole ‘nother level and makes me not want to play. I’ve considered using a menu for self defense but have decided against it because I don’t want to lose everything I’ve worked/paid for on the off chance I was caught (which apparently doesn’t happen enough). I guess the point of this rant (that will probably be mocked in an office somewhere by people who are much more intelligent and successful than I am or ever will be)isThat if you’re going to make a game free-to-play there simply needs to be a better anti-cheat system implemented. I really feel ripped off and like I’ve wasted my time playing to unlock things since I could’ve easily just used a mod menu to get everything for free. Waaaaah it’s not fair. I’ve been playing Rockstar’s incredible titles since my early teens but I guess it’s just time to grow up and make way for a new breed of gamer that would rather cheat en masse.  I think today is going to be my last time signing on. But you don’t care. You’ve made your money. Can’t wait to see what GTA VI has in store for us but I’m not optimistic and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was released in seasons with various “shark passes” or something like that.-Max P.S. Running With Scissors should have been awarded Steam’s “Labor of Love” they’re a much smaller team and Postal 2 was much, much older than your game.

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