“GTA CTW Load Time on iOS 12 “

Dear Rockstar team,

Please take a look at GTA CTW on iOS 12, since the update the app takes disgustingly long to load. The games runs once it’s loaded,but be prepared to wait whenever you exit a menu or boot up.


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Okay so I just got an iPad mini 5, turns out the game runs perfectly fine on the A12, the load times are no longer an issue.

On my 2018 iPad though the problem still exists. The game will start eventually… if you willing to wait between 5 and 10 minutes for it to load


It worked for me but now it doesn’t work at all just stops at the copyright info screen anyone having a problem with San Andreas?


Yeaaah i got on the phone with apple support but they told me to contact the game creators lol that’s nice…


Since Rockstar Games does not seem to care about the GTA CW iOS 12 issue, i advise you to do the same as I did: Return it in the AppStore to get your money back, if not too late and get the DS version, if you have one. I love this one!