GTA San Andreas / Android 12 Doesn’t Launch

Just purchased GTA SA on my Android 12. I can’t even open it. The game just closes and nothing happens. No crush reports pop up. Tried reinstalling app, rebooting device, clearing cache and data. Nothing helped

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Do you guys know if there is a way for us to get our money back? I’ve bought it 2 years ago and it was working when my telephone was using android 10 but now I can access the game. If rock star is not gonna resolve the problem I would like to have my money back because I paid for it and it’s my right. It’s not fair for me to spend money on something that Don’t work. I have 2 new devices that would accept it if it was updated. I am full of regrets with this game because I have bought it because I used to love to play this game on playstation 2 but now I can’t have access all that and I’ve paid so much for this because here in my country it’s really expensive related to other games.