GTA SAN ANDREAS Crash issue Android 7.0


hello friend of rockstar I have a problem with the big thef auto San Andreas hangs on my device I bought it in the Google Play store and every 5 or 10 minutes the game closes without any notice I have a Huawei p10 lite with android 7.0 is not my device the one that fails if not the game that is not optimized please help me to solve this error optimize the compatibility of devices only works in mobiles of 2015 and those of 2016 and 2017 does not run the game optimize the graphics already in ios they made an update the most recent v2.01 that corrects texture and compatibility errors in android there is no update since March 1, 2015 and 3 years and nothing I have seen that many people complain about this error in high-end devices does not run the game closes please optimize the device compatibility !!!

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Estou com o mesmo problema. No meu caso, meu smartphone tem Android 8.0 (Oreo), e é o SONY Xperia XA2 Ultra, com 32 GB internos, 4 GB de RAM, GPU Adreno 530, e mesmo assim o jogo vive travando, e com incompatibilidade de gráficos, mesmo diminundo os gráficos para os níveis mínimos do jogo. Paguei R$ 25,00 reais na Play Store, e não funciona no meu novo smartphone. Vocês precisam lançar uma nova atualização para o jogo, ou resolver esses problemas já!!!!!

I’m encountering this same issue on my Note 8 which is running android oreo. It was working just fine earlier when my phone was running android nougat but after the android oreo update whenever I try to open the game it only loads a white blank screen on it’s startup and simply closes itself after few seconds.

yes exactly i have the same problem they should optimize the game for newer phones and android 7.0 also for some people with 8.0 plz rockstar dont be selfish!!

friend ai there is no help have not optimized the list of devices not those of 2017 that’s why several devices of high and medium range do not do well the game since they have not optimized it you have to wait for a compatibility optimization