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“GTA San Andreas on Android is crashing constantly. “

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Yeah, its like what the title says. I’m using Honor 10, which is under control of Android Oreo. Game is unplayable. It’s crashing after 10-15 minutes of playing. I bought it when I’ve had much weaker phone and it was running perfectly. Now it’s impossible to play it again on a newer phone.

Of course in the Google Play I gave one star in the reviews. That’s exactly how much it deserves for now. Last update 3 years ago? Come on! Give ma a break – on IOS there was an update just one month ago! https://itunes.apple.com/pl/app/grand-theft-auto-san-andreas/id763692274?l=pl&mt=8

Main improvement for last IOS patch – compatibilty with IPhone X -.-

So it seems Android users can be ignored by Rockstar…

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  1. I have a oneplus 3 when i downloaded the game it worked perfectly. I started playing it again and crashes after. 5 munutes of playing
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