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HACKED account solve problem

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Huge thanks to rockstar games for getting my account back ! And to that hacker there HACKED my account i hope u rot in h… Ps. Your lvl 76 online player with 150 Play hours and posse with scumbag freinds are now gone forever

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  1. Mein Account wurde ebenfalls gehacked und anschlieƟend die eMail Adresse sowie das Passwort geƤndert. Leider habe ich auch nach 4 Tagen vom Suport keine Antwort auf meine Tickets erhalten.


    same problem with my account .. i send an email to and rockstar fixed it for me.. i think they can also fix your account.. good luck!


    My account got hacked as well :c When I tried to log on, I was treated as a new account and all details were in Chinese. After managing to finally change the language, I saw that all details on my profile was wrong. Wrong username, wrong date of birth, everything! And no games were registered to me either.
    So I looked up my own username and saw my account was still there, but the hacker managed to change both the password and the email address to their own :c
    Sent an email to get some help, but with no luck…

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