HIDCLASS.sys BSOD in Windows 11, 10, 7 – what should I do?

Hello! I’ve been getting a lot of random blue screens of death lately. Moreover, they do not have any regularity. All the last times some strange HIDCLASS.sys file appeared there. If you can help me in any way, please. I want to get rid of this series of errors.


Hello! Based on what we know, the HIDCLASS.sys BSOD appears due to some kind of driver problem. It’s either about the incompatibility of some drivers, or about the incorrect operation of Driver Verifier.

What to try:

  • Disable driver checking. In the line “Run” (Win + R) we enter verifier.exe. Select in the new window “Delete existing settings” and you’re done.
  • Remove suspicious drivers. Most distinguished software Avast. It should be removed or disabled. But other antiviruses or hardware drivers can also cause a similar problem.

We wish you good luck in solving the error. If it doesn’t work, write us again.

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