High On Life Krubis Disappeared and Invisible – How to Fix

I fought against Krubis in High On Life, but then he just got stuck in place. And at some points he becomes invisible altogether. Before this bossbattle, everything was just fine. High framerate, no bugs or errors, and here it’s just like a wall in the playthrough. How do I beat Krubis if he’s stuck?


In overall, High On Life is a fairly high-quality video game, but nothing is perfect: from time to time players stumble upon certain bugs and glitches in it. For example, sometimes one of the bosses, Krubis, can get stuck in place, become invisible or literally disappear from the boss arena.

Not a pleasant game bug, but it can be fixed, at least if the claims online are to be believed. Can’t tackle Krubis in High On Life? Then try the following:

  • update the game to the latest version (if you’ve disabled Steam’s automatic update; or if you’re sailing under a black flag);
  • run a check on the integrity of the game files;
  • reinstall the game completely, not forgetting to make a backup of your saves;
  • wait for the release of a new patch.
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