Hogwarts Legacy Save Files Missing – How to Fix?

Played Hogwarts Legacy, died in battle and decided to close the game. Well, I got tired, what can I say. Anyway, the next morning I tried to load from the last save… but there is no save. I mean, there is no saves at all. Played for more than 10 hours – all gone. What should I do?


Hogwarts Legacy save files indeed can suddenly disappear. What is the reason for this is unclear. Anyhow, we want to cheer you up: it is possible to get your saves back. Here’s what you need to do:

  • as soon as you notice the disappearance of your saves, close the game immediately;
  • go to C:\Users\[PROFILE_Name]\AppData\Local\Hogwarts Legacy\;
  • copy the folder with your saves to your desktop;
  • start the game and create a new character (you have to!);
  • play to the point where the game gives you control over the character;
  • copy your most recent save from the desktop and mark it as HL-00-10.sav;
  • place the HL-00-10.sav you just created in the game’s save folder (↑) and confirm the replacement;
  • boot into the last autosave in the game itself.

That’s it, the old save recovery is complete. In essence, you have replaced the new autosave with the old one, and thus regained access to the missing character. It is unlikely that you will encounter the same bug twice, but be prepared.

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