“home,sweet home”&“no peace and love”(about RDR2 online Game Mode)

In 2006,I became a college student and finally had some leisure to play games.

When I opened GTA: SA and heard CJ say “home, sweet home”, I decided that Rockstar’s game was a warm haven in my life.

Now I have been working for many years, enjoying the joy of gtaol in my spare time,turn on passive mode, go shopping, climb mountains and see the scenery become my hobby.When the RDR2 logs into the PC, I have no hesitation to buy it on steam, and can’t wait to enter the world of rdr2ol to collect, hunt, see the scenery, and travel with friends.

But rdr2ol has no passive mode, only defensive mode, which means that I have to worry about being attacked by other players, which will affect my game experience. Although it is difficult to accept a game planner from a country that publicizes “peace and love” every day to plan this online game without peaceful experience, because of the outstanding quality of the game itself, after I was attacked several times, I still But choose to continue to be good to others in the game.

But today, on the way back to the base, two players came close to me and tried to catch me with ropes, but they tried twice without catching me. I firmly believe that “people don’t offend me, I don’t convict” I have to draw a gun and shoot down the two players who want to do harm to me, but the game system thinks that I have maliciously attacked the two players, increased my hostility, and set a reward for me.

So I want to ask the game planner of Rockstar, you want to tell us that if the bad guy doesn’t hurt me, even if he has tried countless times, as long as he doesn’t succeed, once I fight back, I will be the bad guy?

So we are facing the gunman. Even if he shoots at us, as long as he doesn’t hit us, he is not attacking us? As long as we draw out our guns to fight back, once we hit the bandits first, then we are the bandits, and the bandits are innocent?

So let’s rob the bank together. As long as we don’t get the money and succeed, we will be innocent. We are innocent.

So let’s go to the street and shoot. As long as we don’t hit anyone, we are innocent. We are good people.

Is that what Rockstar game planners want to convey to us?

So I hope Rockstar can face up to this problem that has a great impact on the game experience of the players, either to launch a real peace mode, or to change the judgment of the game system on the attackers, and not to let us truly innocent players become the sacrifice of your imagination.

I don’t want to discuss Rockstar’s game with my friends. The first thing I think about is not “home, sweet home”, but “no peace and love, just a piece of sxxt”

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