Honestly Rockstar Need To Add A Private Free Roam!

Honestly Rockstar need to add a Private Free Roam. It’s bad enough there’s no many story missions in the game and we can’t replay them and the Stranger missions payout garbage money. The only way to make good money is hunting and now we can’t even do that in peace because of the ignorant gits that keep on killing us when we’re hunting and when they camp around the butchers so we can’t sell our stuff. Also the ignorant gits are pathetic because a lot of them keep on forming a posse and each posse member camps on a roof covering all streets so nobody has a chance to get to the butcher.  Obviously these people doing this are bored of the game and they only want to annoy as many people as they can and they don;t care about getting bad honor. They get their kicks out of trolling people. If they want to go around shooting players I wonder why they can’t naff off to a Showdown and fight players there instead of messing-up everything for others that want to play the Free Mode properly. I bet those ignorant gits are too much of a coward to face a Showdown and also they do their trolling in Free Mode as a posse because they are afraid that somebody like me will kill them. Just like the other day when somebody hogtied me and his friend shot me in the head. How pathetic can they get. This is why RD Online seriously needs a Private Free Mode so decent players can get things done in peace and not have those ignorant trolling gits messing everything up all the time. This is enough to drive decent players away from RD Online and then Rockstar will wonder why RD Online has flopped due to the lack of players.

As I said, it’s bad enough there’s hardly any Story Missions and the Stranger missions payout garbage money and now we can’t even make money through hunting. Every session I join and there’s a number of players lurking around the butchers waiting for more victims to mess-up. It was bad enough in GTA Online with those fighter jet fanboys nuking everyone all the time.  How does anyone enjoy RD Online with all this going on? Lately I spend more time being trolled and loading another session. Boring.

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