Hostile Players

I wonder what is wrong with a lot of the hostile players. First, so many of them are cowards.  They shoot players in the back and switch to Passive Mode so we can’t get revenge. Either that, they shoot us in the back and leave the session. Or they shoot un in the back and kill our horse and they ride off knowing we have no chance catching-up with them while we have the Nag. Some throw fire bottles at players from behind. so many have done this to me and when I challenged them to a duel to make things fare they chicken out where they can’t face me like a man as they obviously can’t to other players. When I sent them a message about all what they do they can’t even answer for themselves.  I find these tpye of players ignorant, pathetic and cowards. Also a lot of the others that are not cowards seriously need to find another game seeing that they have nothing better to do than kill other players for no reason and the player’s horse when players are minding their own business. I find those players, ignorant, pathetic and sad.

I’ve turned the tables when a number of these hostile players sneak up on me and I blast them down. With what some did was so funny. One in the alliagator swamp running to me from behind expecting to pull me off my horse and I killed that player and he wondered next why he fell over a foot deep in the mud. Another in Saint Denis tried stabbing me to death in a back yard and I belted him in the face twice with one of my rifles and he fell dead. I said to him, “Now look there that got you.” Another one that made me laugh was a hostile player sneaking up on me from behind had no weapon out and he made it crystal clear he was going to try something and I gunned him down. Any sensible person would have their weapon out first and keep their distance, not make it clear what they are doing empty-handed.

So many of these players really need to get off this game and go back to their Black Ops 4 because they obviously are bored of RD Online because that is why they don’t want to play the game properly and get things done. All they want to do is troll other players all the time.

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