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How do I access Ultimate Edition Bonuses?

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So me and my friend went halfs on RDR2 Ultimate Edition but for some reason when I go online my free horse is no where to been seen in the stables menu aswell as the 2 items of clothing you are supposed to receive. Also in the catalogue the guns that should be free with buying ultimate edition are there for me but i cannot get them for free it says i have to pay for them and i unlock them at a certain rank. My friend has no problems and has access to all the features. I have the bonus clothing and other items free on story mode just not online. Is there any soloutions?

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  1. I’m dealing with the same problem here in what you said and it wants me to buy them. My two friends got their stuff for free as soon as they got into Valentine and I checked there and also the book that they give you to buy stuff to be deliver at my camp but still nothing.

    My copy is on disc and I added both codes on paper to my primary account and still no free stuff.

    Wow that’s ridiculous so they want us to fork out another 80/100 for another copy!

    I have been going back and forth with Rockstar for a few days now. They finally said that if the game is being shared to you that they can’t do anything about the ultimate edition bonuses because it is only for the primary account.

    I have had email after email from rock* yesterday they asked me for proof of me having ultimate edition and that i do not have these bonuses which i did. recorded my gameplay and put it on my youtube and they still haven’t replied. Not going well lol

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