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How do I receive beta reward

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I was just wondering how I receive the $250 and the 15 gold bars from participating in the beta

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  1. Here’s some information about that – hope it helps:


    From what somebody told me, only the high-honored players get the reward and the trolling, gits that do nothing but grieve get nothing. I hope that is the reason because why should the grievers that ruin the game for others get rewarded? Also if I’m right about what I was told, then the grievers are now paying for it instead of getting paid so they can cry over it now seeing that they ruined RD Online for others that want to play the game properly. Every time I go in a game somebody can’t wait to screw things up for me and a few minutes ago I was only in a game for about a minute and already a griever was taking a short cut across a field to shoot me for no reason. So, I find it so funny if the grievers get no reward. What else did they expect for being ignorant, trolling, grieving gits.



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