How to buy coins in Apex Legends?

Good afternoon! I decided to return to Apex Legends, it was a cool game, and it still is. Only now I ran into a problem – I can not buy a battle pass. Payments from different cards do not go through, but I want variety in appearance. I understand that this is because of the sanctions. Maybe the famous Russian ingenuity will help here too?


Hello! There are 2 ways: buy a gift card or change the region. The first method is good, but these cards are difficult to find, and their price is too high due to the shortage. The second option involves changing the region to Kazakhstan and simply paying for coins in the game. Here original source and it seems to work. They offer to buy the service of changing the region for 500 rubles on a third-party site (here he is). Your Steam funds will be converted to tenge. You can also create a Qiwi account for tenge, convert rubles and pay from there.

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