How to Enable Vsync in Atomic Heart on PC?

Started playing Atomic Heart, wanted to enable Vsync, but I couldn’t get it to work. The setting is grayed out and not available. I don’t want to play without the Vsync, because the game annoys me with them nasty tearings. I understand, though, that the game just came out, but is it possible to enable Vsync in Atomic Heart without tinkering?


Unfortunately, the grayed out vertical synchronization (Vsync) is yet another Atomic Heart bug. It can be bypassed, but you have to poke around in the configuration files of the game itself, or in the control panel of your own graphics card.

To enable vertical synchronization (Vsync) in Atomic Heart, try the following:

  • go to %localappdata%\AtomicHeart\Saved\Config\WinGDK;
  • open the Engine.ini file;
  • add this value to the end of the file:



  • open the Nvidia Control Panel;
  • go to 3D Settings→Manage 3D Settings→Vertical Sync;
  • set it to On.

The process is similar for the AMD owners, but the activation of Vertical Sync is not guaranteed. Sadly, AMD drivers have been experiencing this problem for a long time.

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