How to fix bug 2011 in Zoom?

I’ve been invited to a Zoom meeting, but I can’t log in. I’m trying to log in, but an error appears with the code 2011. I entered the data correctly, I already checked it several times. What is the problem? Maybe I’m missing something. If anyone can help, I strongly urge you to do so.


Good day! Usually error 2011 appears because you are trying to join the meeting with a different account. That is, you need to use single sign-on (SSO). You don’t need to use a regular Zoom account or you’ll see an error. You need to use your company or institution email address to sign in. On the main screen, you need to select the option to sign in via SSO, then paste in your personal URL (you can select the option “I do not know the company’s domain” and enter an email address instead). Then enter as usual.

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