How to Fix ‘Download failed Blocked’ in Google Chrome?

The message ‘Download failed Blocked’ appeared in the Chrome browser when I tried to download music for myself from one of the sites. I’ve never had this problem, I’ve been using the browser for about half a year (or even longer). Restarted my PC and router, since I thought they were the problem, but nothing has changed. Help, please.


The message ‘Download failed Blocked’ is a frequent guest not only for Google Chrome, but also for Mozilla Firefox, Opera and others. There are a huge number of reasons for such an error, and therefore it is not always possible to fix it in a short period of time.

We suggest you to use the following solutions in order:

  • free up additional space on HDD/SSD;
  • disable any other applications which may use the network connection;
  • restart the PC (already tested);
  • restart the router (already tested);
  • change the folder for saving downloaded files in the browser settings;
  • recreate Google Chrome profile (in general settings);
  • update Chrome to the most current version;
  • deactivate the option to check sites and downloaded files (security tab
  • in settings);
  • temporarily disable antivirus and firewall;
  • reset Google Chrome completely.

Usually, one of the solutions helps to get rid of ‘Download failed Blocked’ in Google Chrome. As an alternative, you can try to download the files you need through another browser, such as Mozilla or Opera.

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