How to fix error code 7 in Valorant?

Greetings! Can’t login to Valorant. For several hours now. Maybe someone knows something about this?


Good day! As far as I know from user reports, there may be several reasons for error 7 in Valorant. The problem may lie in the disconnected servers or their unstable operation. Alternatively, you can switch to another server. This can be done on this page. Only the transition wizard will reset the account with its achievements, so the option is so-so.

Another solution is to check VGS services. You need to enter in “Run” (Win + R) services and start this service.

Unfortunately, code 7 in Valorant can also indicate an account ban (temporary or permanent). You should check the mail to which the account is registered. There should be a letter with a notice of blocking, if applicable to your case. In most situations, the problem is network in nature and can be corrected.

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