How to Fix Low FPS in The Last of Us Part I on PC?

Can you tell me how to boost FPS in the PC release of The Last of Us Part I? My PC is a bit better than the minimum requirements, but not up to the recommended ones. Is there any way to increase the framerate and get rid of the occasional stuttering? I have a GTX 1660 Super and a Ryzen 5 3500.


The first thing you need to do to increase the framerate (FPS) in The Last of Us Part I is to check the system requirements for the game. You may have to lower the graphics settings all the way down to the minimum with FSR to achieve satisfactory performance.

You can also increase the FPS of The Last of Us Part I by replacing the Oodle 2.9.6 library with Oodle 2.9.5. All the necessary information can be found on this Nexus page.

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