How to fix PlayStation 4 error: CE-36244-9?

Many PS4 users have encountered error CE-36244-9 more than once, but inexperienced users may not immediately figure out how to properly solve it. This error translates as download termination due to database corruption. Error CE-36244-9 is considered one of the most difficult, this is due to the possibility of losing the game and all previously saved data.

But we will tell you how to properly solve this error CE-36244-9:

Step 1: The first step requires a hard reset of the entire PlayStation 4 system and then follows. The download is performed standard through the game icon.

Step 2: The error may repeat a second time, in which case you should check the Internet connection settings.

  • You need to change the DNS server or connect via a static IP address;
  • You can use another network;
  • Sometimes it’s enough just to wait until a good Internet connection appears.

Step 3: Sometimes this error can occur if the hard drive is damaged. Sometimes just replacing it helps.

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