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I am sick of tired of griefing and randomly players kill Me!

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I was mind my business Radom player kill me all over again I can’t stand griefing or Radom players kill me
You better bring private session or solo session in  next year  2019 I have see or heard players can’t hunter can’t fishing or doing stagers mission to make more  money. However I will quickly log in red dead online for this Friday 21th December  to revive cash gift. I can’t take anymore I just take a break on red dead online I got very angry and frustrated.

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  1. Nobody is whine on red dead online number 1  don’t have metal illnesses number 2 I am pay 12 mouth PlayStation plus subscription next few months on September my PlayStation plus subscription will expire number 3 I have no friends my friends are idiots.
    I do stagers mission myself on red dead online  same with Gta Online on Ceo business bike business Gunning businesses  Smugglers’s Run Businesses  after hours Businesses vip work mission bike contact mission client job mission nightclub management mission unfortunately can’t do Nightclub management mission  there issue you have pick up supplies truck bring back to nightclub then you died inside nightclub after complete mission and of course import and export businesses I know what I am doing on mission even I mess up I am not a Noob. Number 4 Rockstar games will add private session on red dead online you will say they will never add private session. I think they will add private session lot people complain on red dead online who can’t do hunter fishing and doing stagers mission to make more Money and Gold Bar without buying Gold bar microtransactions yes I know is a opinion Nobody try force you to buy microtransactions. Number 4 people say red dead Redemption 2 will come Pc I say never come to Pc it possible red dead redemption 2 will come  to PC let say red dead redemption 2 does come to pc you want use mods mod on single player don’t use mods on red dead online mods on single player. I know what going to Happen to Red dead online Pc a modder or hacker give player a modded gold bar and modded money or boost Xp rank up quickly even drain gold bars and money on red dead online that player will get  1 month banned  the player will lose a  progress  and second banned  forever.  All red dead online suspension and banning decisions are final and may not be appealed. Is same gta online policy. I have nothing against Pc gamers or pc players  I have play PC games in the  past  I prefer console I am not console fanboy only I will play On pC let  say a console is steaming cloud gaming I don’t like steaming cloud gaming my internet is average is not best and sometimes my internet does go down or there services goes down. Digital games are alright but you don’t own a game just rent games once you buy a digital game or steam cloud gaming in next few years all games you bought a game that  game gone forever you have a physical copy you can do whatever you want just of course you own a game doesn’t  mean you don’t own Ip and some bad news for you nobody read teams of several policy why too long read so be short. I don’t read teams of several policy I  just accept I am not stupid or idiot I understand you don’t cheat online game. I don’t cheat online game. I am not try be disrespectful  i am just being honest.

    Yes, there were/are “griefers” in RDR but the difference there was/is that one had the “option” to play with your own friends. Clearly in RDR2O or RDO, that “option” is not there, YET.  So allow me to present to you an option or options that you were not able to process. 1) do not play online until Rockstar adds the option to play with your friends only (you’ll save money, unless you have spent it already). 2)  blowup Rockstar’s support network until they get tired of hearing us “whine” and add the option that allows good people to not have to “learn to fight back” against sociopaths.


    You all can whine all you want but it’s not going to change. There have been “griefers” in every R* game. Either learn to fight back, find a new session, or find a new game to play. Those are your options.

    Sorry about that I was having trouble with posting my reply I managed to figure it out and I still screwed up anyway my replies start at Thank you

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