I am sick of tired of griefing and randomly players kill Me!

I was mind my business Radom player kill me all over again I can’t stand griefing or Radom players kill me
You better bring private session or solo session in  next year  2019 I have see or heard players can’t hunter can’t fishing or doing stagers mission to make more  money. However I will quickly log in red dead online for this Friday 21th December  to revive cash gift. I can’t take anymore I just take a break on red dead online I got very angry and frustrated.

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Nobody is whine on red dead online number 1  don’t have metal illnesses number 2 I am pay 12 mouth PlayStation plus subscription next few months on September my PlayStation plus subscription will expire number 3 I have no friends my friends are idiots. I do stagers mission myself on red dead online  same with Gta Online on Ceo business bike business Gunning businesses  Smugglers’s Run Businesses  after hours Businesses vip work mission bike contact mission client job mission nightclub management mission unfortunately can’t do Nightclub management mission  there issue you have pick up supplies truck bring back to nightclub… Read more »