I am unable to submit RDRO feedback due to 500 characters requirement

Here’s my feed back I tried submitting

There’s a flaw with lassoing players. I’m out here playing playing showdown series TD and I turn a corner and try to draw my weapon but the enemy forced the hogtie on me. I guess when you hold LT and then press B. There’s no way to counter that. I had to wait to be hogtied then started smashing the X button only to watch this guys stand over me to execute me…    I had no chance to defend myself.
Also horses!!    Every time I enter free roam or I’m done with a mission or even when my horse gets lost  he becomes unavailable until I go to the stable to respawn him again…    he’s not dying trust me..  I go hunt . I hitch him and when I come back he gone..
Also stamina sucks for horses online at least…   since everything is spread out. Maybe decrease it so we can run faster for those long journeys across the map.
Also if you can implement a knock out feature for when we are having boxing matches within the posse…  kinda disappointed you can punch your posse member.. that was the best part in red dead 1. Knocking your friends out and he gets back up.
FALL DAMAGE: please decrease!!
Death cam: increase time limit so we can see the way our bodies landed
Fast traveling should be free because what if we’re just getting griefed? I under stand the settings menus route, but still…  or at least make it $2.  For everywhere.
Camera sway:  when doing a mission the camera sways left to right for no reason. I’m crouched not even aiming and my camera swaying..  it’s hard to make shots hit the targets cause of that..  maybe reduce the sway?  Also pleeeeeease take out dead eye for matchmaking… free roam is perfect for hunting but dead eye in a team death match??  No way!!! Also tuning up a hill. It got so realistic it’s unbelievable now. There are some hills I can’t run up for the life of me. Literally! I end up sliding to my death. Please, I know y’all are using a different engine but please allow us to run up a freaking hill like in GTA V.
Another thing. I think you should take out the whole you have to have ur horse to take out a specific weapon..  that should stay in single player because what if a griefer come kills me and my horse and I don’t have the proper weapons to fight cause I was out hunting.  Also I still don’t understand that sway in the camera when you try to shoot. Also that little pump action.. idk what y’all did but it’s affecting all of my shots. In red dead 1 you got it right. This one feels real different and frustrating. I really enjoy this game soooo much and I’m writing this part just because of your field content 500 word bs. Like for real take it off cause I had to bs this part just to get through.. also this is my 5th attempt at trying to write some feedback cause of 500 characters.. there’s probably 600+ now and it’s still telling me I need 500 lol but game is amazing and I can’t stop having so much fun.   I don’t care about economy in the game cause I can grind it out while working 60 hrs a week at my job…    love yalll hopefully I’m heard… or read…

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