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I can’t access my Red dead 2 Ultimate edition content. ANY FIX OR HELP

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I have the ultimate edition and I’m on Xbox one. It works in story mode and no I’m not game sharing. When I enter online I look in the catalogue, the store, or the stables and all of the so called bonuses cost money. And I’m probably not getting my bonus xp either. Someone please help my friend has it on xbox one as well so I don’t think it’s a platform problem.

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  1. Seems like you and I have the same problem. What do you mean its been escalated? Are they very aware of the issue? and what compensation will we get because I’m already level 25 and I didnt get my 25% bonus xp at all or of course any of the bonuses.

    A Rockstar Support colleague… I was on live chat for an hour with them and got told after moving everything from external to internal and sending them videos of it still not working they said it was because I purchased at the 16th November and I’d get it when the beta released for everyone and still nothing so I’ve kept on at them and it’s apparently been escalated.

    I’m having this problem as well, I’m hoping that I’ll receive these items but haven’t heard anything from rockstar themselves


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